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Welcome to all interested parties and fellow collectors! If you have arrived here it is either because you are intrigued at the possibility that there are some people who collect playing cards, or because you are already actively involved in this interesting hobby. In either case - welcome! We hope you find this site educational and informational and that you will be encouraged to learn more about playing cards and collecting.

NOTE: Ben Bornstein's playing card collection has been sold. Thank you to all who are friends to Ben that he has acquired over the years in this wonderful hobby.

Information About Playing Cards and Collecting
Article 1 My Love: Looking for Playing Cards - Published article about the history of playing cards, and the art and joy of collecting them.
Article 2 Artists in Playing Cards - Published article about decks of playing cards designed by well-known artists. Also includes information about finding decks and joining collectors' clubs.
Article 3 It's In The Cards - Published article about political playing cards throughout history and from around the world.

Organizations for Playing Card Collectors
52 Plus Joker 52 Plus Joker - The American Antique Deck Collectors Club - Contains general information about card collecting, as well as membership, newsletter and convention information for this great organization.

"How can I find more information?"
Ben's Bio A brief biography of Ben Bornstein - Author of the above articles and a devoted collector of playing cards. Includes contact information if you would like to ask questions about playing cards or inquire about buying, selling or trading decks.

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